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In Italy Vat or Value added tax is known as ‘IVA’. In Italy the standard Vat rate is 20%. In Italy VAT is refundable in the following cases as per Italian VAT law (n.633/1972) based on Community provisions

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Vat rate

All goods and a large amount of services whether imported or locally produced are liable to VAT in Italy. VAT is charged on assets and services in Italy including imports into Italy. In Italy the Vat is charged on a non-discriminatory basis.

Vat refund for Non-residents

Non-residents without having any permanent establishment in Italy are required to appoint a representative to implement their rights, accomplish their responsibilities & get deduction for the VAT under the VAT law.

Vat setting

Usually, VAT paid on goods and services obtained or imported within Italy by a taxable person (input VAT), to be utilized by him for business purpose, may be equalized against the VAT due on sales (output VAT).

Italy Vat refund

In Italy Vat or Value added tax is known as ‘IVA’. In Italy the standard Vat rate is 20%. In Italy VAT is refundable in the following cases as per Italian VAT law (n.633/1972) based on Community provisions

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About US

Since 2000, BT Associates has been successfully providing qualified service based on expert for verifying and submitting the application for a refund as well as achieving maximum reimbursement of VAT claim abroad.

We also offer VAT consulting & other tax services to the foreign authorities.

We have an expert team of VAT consultants who have many years of working at an international level and are well versed with VAT rules and regulations abroad. They have also extensive contact network with foreign tax authorities, customs, banks etc

How we process your claim for VAT refund in Italy
You have to send us the following documents

♦   All the original invoices/documents of expenditure with Italian Vat no., other receipts from store
♦   A written power of attorney to deal with VAT application on your behalf
♦   A current and Original certificate issued by the related Tax Authority of your EU country of residence, confirming that your company has a registration for local VAT payment
♦   Claims may exclusively be submitted on a yearly, six-monthly or quarterly basis
♦   Refund claims for a total value lower than € 300.00 will be subject for cancellation
♦   The refundable amount will be sent through bank transfer to an Italian bank or foreign bank (to the customer’s bank account) or by a postal account.

♦   We sort out receipts, complete the application form for claiming VAT refund from Italy, UE and
      extra UE countries
♦   Verifying and organizing all documents so as to estimate the amount of the refund
♦   Appointing an Italian Tax Representative for extra-UE companies to retrieve VAT refund claim
♦   Entertaining direct contacts with local Tax Authorities
♦   Making contact with the suppliers for any modifications raised on the invoices issued
♦   Filling up the suitable ministerial forms in the local language
♦   Submitting the claim to the competent departments
♦   Informing our customers about up to date on developments in refund issues
♦   Reporting and keep an eye on the claim until the notification of the final outcome
♦   Contestation at the capable fiscal office for eventual rejected claims
♦   Providing assistance for making appeal to the Tax Commission against the eventual final rejection
♦   Our fee shall only be paid at the end of the refund claim and only if the claim become successful and the money is refunded.

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